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African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 officials in Malawi for Launch and Inspection

By Twimepoki Mangani

Lilongwe, Mana:  Officials of the African Union Sports Council, Region 5 under 20 games will be in the country for ground inspection and official launching of the games.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Local Organising Committee, Emma Mabvumbwe said that the AUSC officials would be in the country to monitor progress and declare the games to the nation.

“The entire Regional organising committee is coming, including the Confederation and the Chief de mission to appreciate what’s on the ground and get a briefing on how the games will be conducted in the country,” she said.

Mabvumbwe confirmed that the officials would be in the country to participate in the launching of the games which would be accommodated by a tour around Lilongwe.

“Ideally the purpose of the Launch is to make the nationknow that this is what will happen in December, preparations are under way and registrations for our athletes has been completed,”  the CEO said.

Meanwhile Malawi Council of Sports is working hand in hand with the local organising committee with the sole purpose of preparing the athletes that will compete at the games.

Athletics in a Netball Camp ahead of the Region 5 games

Communication Officer for Malawi Council of Sports, Edgar Ntulumbwa said that they have received names of athletes and camp sessions are currently underway.

“Athletes in different disciplines are in Camp for two weeks since schools are closed and most of the athletes are from schools.

“After this camp they will continue residential camping monitored by coaches, teachers as well asthe Council, then In November they will go to camp again which will lead into the official games,” he said.

Malawi Council of Sports has 400 athletes doing selective camping at Sports Council premises, Michiru view Schools and Malawi Post Corporation campus.

Sporting codes in camp include Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn tennis, Judo, taekwondo, boxing, athletics and Paralympics; and of the available 400 athletics the council will pick the final 275 athletics.

Malawi is hosting the 10th edition of the AUSC region 5games themed Igniting the African dream which will begin December 2 to 11, 2022.

The AUSC Region 5 games are held every two years with approximately 1,800 athletics participating from the 10 member states in the region.

CEO of AUSC, Stanley Mutoya visited the country in March and expressed confidence that everything will be ready including high tech infrastructure such as the Griffin Sayenda Complex, Civo and Silver Stadiums, BICC, ABC and the Aquatic Complex.

Regional Confederation members pose for a picture in March during inspection of the Stadium

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