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A 30 Day Repentance For Malawi

By Harris Chimatiro

National repentance Malawi, an Interdenominational prayer and repentance group has organized a 30 day repentance, healing and restoration campaign for the country.

This follows a successful global day of repentance on May 1, 2020 in which Malawi led the nations in repenting and prayer for the World,

The Global Day of Repentance on May 1 dubbed the Malawi miracle was signed by 20 Nations of the World with 500 intercessors.

This time according to National coordinator for National repentance Malawi,Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba,  they are compelled to have a 30 day prayer, repentance and healing campaign according to 2 Chronicles 7 v 14 to pray for Malawi a head of July 2 Fresh Presidential elections.

“We want to pray for the upcoming fresh elections that are characterized by political violence and demonstrations that have seen about five people die of political squabble in which three family members in Lilongwe died of arson,” he said.

The Constitutional Court on February 3, 2020 nullified the 2019 May Presidential elections after the opposition  parties went to the court to seek legal redress after allegedly massive irregularities marred by  usage of tippex.

International Director for National Repentance Malawi, Pastor, Jeff Nash Daly from United States of America highlighted that they have organized a 30 day repentance challenge for Malawi to pray and repent for peace, and to ask God to choose a leader of his own choice.

“The prayers implores intercessors to pray peace in Malawi in their homes, offices, mountains and churches. The theme is Malawi Repent as stipulated in the Bible in 2 chronicles 7 v 14,” he said.

Daly added that other prayer points are for peace, healing of people infected and affected of Covid-19.

“More than 24 people have been healed of 63 affected now and we believe it’s the power of prayer and repentance,” he added.

Daly added that they have earmarked for the prayers in the three regions of the country like Zomba in the south, Chimbiya Baptist Curch in the Centre, Lilongwe Botanical Gardens in the capital and Citizens of Heaven Ministries in Mzuzu.

Apart from prayers,National Repentance Malawi is involved in leadership development, food security programs, youth and child evangelism.

However, of late it has started distributing face masks support against the Covid-19 pandemic in areas they are operating.

National Repentance Malawi is an international religious organization that started in 2016.

Apart from Malawi, it has been praying for peace in Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, USA, Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world.

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