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200 000 fingerlings stocked in Nkhata Bay’s Linga Dam

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By Chisomo Kambandanga

Chief Irrigation Officer for Mzuzu Agricultural Development Division, Tinkho Msimuko Mpezeni has disclosed that 200 000 fingerlings have been stocked in Linga Dam which is located in the area of Senior Chief Fukamapiri in Nkhata Bay District.

Speaking in an interview Saturday, Mpezeni said the stocking of fingerlings in the dam was started by the Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Michael Usi on January 24, 2024.

“130 000 fingerlings were stocked in January out of the targeted 200 000. Today I am glad to say we have finished the balance by stocking 70 000 fingerings.

“The stocking of the dam is a plus to us as an irrigation sector because it is promoting multipurpose use of the dam,” Mpezeni said.

Fingerings stocking in progress

Mpezeni added that the stocking of the fingerings will provide an alternative source of income to the communities surrounding the dam than relying on charcoal burning for survival hence contributing to catchment conservation.

In his remarks, Centre Manager for Mzuzu Aquaculture Centre who is also Zone Manager for Sustainable Fisheries Aquaculture Development and Watershed Management Project, David Mbamba said the country has high demand for fish due to rising population.

“The cheapest source of proteins in Malawi is fish and with the increase in the population of people it is hard to meet the demand for fish that is out there. As such we want to make use all small water bodies by restocking fish which will increase production and ease its access.

“Plans are under way to make this a mega farm where we intend to introduce cage cultures. Besides that, people will still be allowed to do fishing in the dam for sale and consumption as long as they follow guidelines and use legal fishing gears,” Mbamba said.

One community member, Thomas Manda hailed government for bringing the irrigation scheme in the area, saying it has changed livelihoods of many people by increasing crop production.

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