Village Gets Solar Powered Lights in KU

By Dyson Kamwana, MANA

People of Mandevu Village in Traditional Authority Mwase in Kasungu will have the chance of using cheap solar powered lighting with support from Sunny Money Project.

The project, implemented by Solar Aid from United Kingdom, is aimed at eliminating poverty, illiteracy and combating climate change in the country. About 200 households are expected to benefit in its piloting phase.

The villagers will be able to get solar lamps from Sunny Money centres in villages where they will be charged at prices ranging from K50 a day to K4000 a month depending on the solar lamps.

Sunny Money Chief Executive Officer, John Kean said they want Malawians to have clean and everlasting lights. He said solar power is essential to every individual’s life and will assist children to carry out school tasks at home.

“We came here and saw that people are struggling in terms of having efficient and reliable lights. We thought of bringing and piloting this project here at Mandevu Village so that people who are not connected to the ESCOM grid should also have electricity from solar in their homes,” Kean said.

Traditional Authority Mwase expressed joy, saying the project will reduce illiteracy levels since children will be able to carry out school work at night.

“This project will help households to save cash that would be used to buy candles every day. It will also help children to have more time of studying even during the night,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries of the project, Donald Majamanda said he was no longer going to struggle buying candles.

“The coming of this solar powered electricity has saved me and my fellow villagers here,” he said.

The project was introduced in Malawi in 2008 and expected to extend to other households in Malawi irrespective of district and social class.